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Welcome to Pamoja Generation Empowerement!

Struggling with emotions? We can help.   Our approach to counseling and home care

services goes beyond the normal procedure and we walk hand in hand with you.

Practice Areas


We provide a confidential counseling service to young people. We charge a small fee for this service.


Offer academic mentorship and support to needy children and young people in academic and career related concerns.

Counselor Development

We deliver a full training programme for counsellors on a variety of topics aimed at improving skills for supporting children and young people.

Home Care Services

We understand that sometimes difficult decisions need to be made when caring for the ones close to us.

Workshops & training

We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of emotional support for children and young people.

Community Service

Initiate community based wellness intervention programmes and help in putting up and equipping community infrastructure, facilities and dimmed as necessary for improving the quality of life for all people.