Counseling Services

What is Counseling?

Are you:

  • bottling up feelings inside
  • feeling bad about yourself or sad and low
  • suffering from other peoples actions towards you

These are all signs that things need to change.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk about everything that is important to you, whatever that is. Your counselor is not there to offer you advice, or to make judgements about you or what you say. They are there to listen to you, and will try to understand your feelings, your thoughts and your situation.

Counselling is to discover the things that matter to you and the counselor is there to help you explore different options and strategies. They will help you choose which strategies are going to work best for you.

Counseling is delivered with complete confidentiality, nothing of what you say will be disclosed to anyone else, except under exceptional circumstances.

If you think counseling may help you then please get in touch with us.